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Showers, Tubs, & Toilets

Bathroom Solutions from a Luxurious Soak to a Cleanly Oasis

Nothing says “posh” like porcelain. The throne, the latrine, the facilities, the potty, the water closet. Whatever you call it, we want you to be comfortable and save water while using it. That’s why Chatham Plumbing offers you a toilet or bathtub from brands like American Standard, Mansfield, Toto, and Kohler.

From the small bath tub that’s perfect for a kid’s washroom to a large garden tub aimed at spa-like quality, there are tons of options to choose from at our 15,000 square-foot showroom. You’ll find a toilet and/or bath tub that fits the bill for your home, no matter whether you intend to produce efficiency or extravagance. You’ll even find cabinets, bathroom taps, and shower faucets to tie the whole room together.

Chatham Plumbing aims to enhance all customers’ quality of life through the power of water.

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Shower, Tubs, & Toilets